From KIDS4KIDS member to intern

A member of the original KIDS4KIDS design team interns at our headquarters for half a year before starting her studies.

For us at I’M A GIRLY, children are not only our customers, they are the source of our inspiration. Everything we produce has to face our critical KIDS4KIDS design team first. “Designed by kids” isn’t just a slogan for us.

KIDS4KIDS member Michelle with her design “Unicorn Pyjama” for I’M A GIRLY fashion dolls – one of our bestsellers

In this spirit, we try to support and foster children and teens in all areas. It only seemed natural, then, to give one of our older members the chance to gain her first professional experience when she turned 18. To celebrate her successful completion of her internship and to learn how she experiences the transition from school and part-time designer to student, we conducted an exclusive interview with her.

Being part of the KIDS4KIDS design team since the very beginning, you saw the business growing and got a true glance behind the scenes. How was this experience for you?
Michelle: It was a really cool experience. As a KIDS4KIDS designer, you are being creative and can speak your own mind. But working at I’M A GIRLY as an intern, I was actually able to see the entire value chain. Never would I have thought how many steps and decisions are needed and how much planning is involved.

This was your first office job. What is the biggest difference between high school student and office employee?
Michelle: The long hours (laughs). And being responsible for certain projects, working independently, yet always having to keep in mind how your work influences the work of your colleagues as well. Everything is interconnected and there are so many things you have to think of apart from the obvious.

What will you take with you for the future?
Michelle: My advanced skills in creative programs like Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. And how to take product pictures. This is something I am sure I can profit from in the future, especially because I am starting my studies soon in the creative field. Also, the experience of working in a team. You have to be able to work with different characters on different topics. A company can only be succesful when the whole team joins forces and works towards the same goal, and this is definitely the case with I’M A GIRLY.

Any idea what you would like to become later on?
Michelle: Having been able to see behind the process of product creation from an early age on with I’M A GIRLY, I now actually also would like to professionally create and design things, whether it will be apparel or industrial design, I don’t know yet, I still have some time to decide. But definitely something creative.

What was the most exciting and memorable moment during this internship?
Michelle: The Beckhams! It was very exciting to be part of the private I’M A GIRLY event that we organized in London. That was my first business trip! It’s not an everyday experience to get to meet the Beckhams, let alone throw a party for them. Also, to create things for the company and the brand apart from my previous KIDS4KIDS contributions. For example, I created some of the illustrations that are printed on the packaging of the new dolls and are used for other marketing materials as well. So all in all, the fact that I was able to leave my footprint.

Feel inspired to become a designer for I’M A GIRLY yourself? Download the drawing template, create an outfit and send us a picture of your design to info@imagirly.com. With a bit of luck, you can shape our brand.